Avenues of activities

The Institute conducts both theoretical and applied research in the area of economics, and acts as a consulting body for Russian state authorities at a variety of levels on issues of economic growth in transitional economies, public finances, monetary and exchange-rate policies, privatization policy, corporate finances, economic restructuring, and the institutional reform. Political and economic research conducted by IEP is regarded highly by many state structures. The Institute develops and advocates its unique views in all thel aforementioned areas of research. The Institute has completed projects for the World Bank, the IMF, and OECD, renders consulting services to the largest Russian private companies.


Economic research is the Institute’s central activities. IEP contains 10 scientific departments spanning four broader fields: macroeconomics research, social and economic studies, real sector, and political economy.

IEP conducts in depth on such topics as budget and monetary policy, the reform of the tax system, corporate governance and protection of shareholders’ rights, reforms in the social sphere, agrarian reform, deregulation and regional business elites, fiscal federalism and interrelations between budgets, regional economic development and problems of the Russia’s northern regions, distribution of production across major sectors and branches of the economy and trends within the structure of production and final utilization of gross domestic product.

Since 1992, the Institute publishes business survey bulletins based on monthly polls of the managers of largest Russian industrial enterprises.


The Institute provides consulting services to federal and regional authorities on the following issues:

  • Taxation and budgetary policy;
  • Fiscal federalism;
  • Corporate governance;
  • Social policies and pension reform;
  • Customs Code;
  • Agricultural reform and economic policiy.